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Bericht uit Zweden

Vandaag kregen we bericht uit Zweden. Rytse (het paard waar Pieter twee jaar terug regionaal mee reed) en Timon hebben het er erg naar hun zin en Patrick en Karin rijden met de paarden in de competitie. Ze schreef:

Hello Janet & Peter!

Just breifly let you know that the horses har both well. The summer has been better and we have had time to drive and even compete. Myself I did a competition for fun and I´m in to it! It was soooo fun! So the photos shows myself and Timon. Next season I would like to start Rytse and Timon as a pair! So far I ride him (Rytse) mostly. You so you now.. WE LOVE THEM BOTH! They are such a individuals.
Their is also I photo of a painting I made of Rytse in action.

Love from Rytse and Timon
And us of course

Patrick & Karin